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Over 10 years experience in the working at height industry with a vast amount of worldwide experience

UAV Inspection

Professional UAV inspection services using professional grade, state of the art UAV equipment

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UAV Inspection Services

Skytec Solutions provide nationwide UAV inspection services for transmission tower inspection, wind turbine inspection, structural inspection, oil & gas inspection, telecommunications tower inspection, thermal imaging and 3D mapping & surveying.

Our duel gimbal DJI Matrice 100 can carry 3 types of camera, such as the Dji Zenmuse Z3 which offers 12mp and 7x optical zoom, perfect for all types of projects. Our Zenmuse XT Thermal camera is excellent for finding hot spots on structures and solar panels, it can also be vital in finding the source in fire fighting scenarios. Our Sony WX500 camera and custom gimbal allows 45° upward movement and offers 20mp and 60x zoom, ideal for inspection of wind turbines, power lines and under bridge inspections when keeping a safe distance is paramount. Our Matrice 100 is able to carry visual and thermal camera systems, simultaneously enabling us to view real time footage on both applications making it the ultimate inspection tool by decreasing flight time even further.


Skytec Solutions

Skytec Solutions offer a professional drone inspection service whatever your needs. We use professional grade, state of the art UAV’s that carry the most specialised equipment such as our high resolution zoom and thermal imagery camera system.

With over 10 years experience in the working at height and inspection industry we have a vast amount of experience working worldwide in all sectors including transmission towers, wind turbines, structural inspection, geotechnical, oil and gas inspection.